Monthly Archives: December 2009

Soysambu Conservancy: Livestock as an aid to Conservation

Written by Zurijanne Kelley, Soysambu Volunteer On just a casual drive around Soysambu you cannot help but see various herds of cattle with lowered heads slowly ambling along. These indigenous creatures of Kenya come in various hues of white, brown and black, and number just under six thousand across the entire range of Soysambu and […]

Soysambu Conservancy A Reason for Celebrating

Written by Zurijanne Kelley, Soysambu Volunteer There was great reason to celebrate Friday(Dec 18) afternoon. For at the moment I arrived the last pipe was being placed into the borehole at Melia. In total there are 9 boreholes across Soysambu conservancy which are all being utilized now to supply water to livestock and wildlife (see […]

Soysambu Conservancy’s fight to supply water during drought

Written by Zurijanne Kelley, Soysambu Volunteer Perhaps you didn’t know that Kenya has been experiencing a drought for the past two years, and that key ecosystems have begun to feel the effects of this prolonged condition especially at Soysambu Conservancy. Surrounded by communities and roads on almost every side, Soysambu has become a safe haven […]

Soysambu Conservancy environmental beautification program

Written by Soysambu Conservancy Education and Awareness Officer, Sarah Omusula. Soysambu Conservancy has been involving Primary School pupils surrounding it in beautification programme for the last three school terms which has been successful and taken positively both by the School Head teachers and Pupils. The exercise has been taking place on the Nakuru- Nairobi Highway […]