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Preparing the Bulls for the show through feeding. Boran Bull Boran Bull Soysambu Ranch is the only Largest remaining Ranch in the Rift valley covering an are a of 48,000 acres. The Ranch has both Wildlife And the indigenous Boran beef Cattle. It is a home to 5,100 Boran Cattle. The Soysambu herd has the […]


This is a practice that enhances the passage of knowledge to the upcoming generation, Soysambu Conservancy is putting in effort not only to reach the adult members of the society ,but also the young , this is why we could not have any reason not to visit Mbogo Primary School and Share with them what […]


Our interaction with the community at the Clinic to obtain their opinions on the project. This is a community project located at the Elmenteita Centre few meters South West of Soysambu Conservancy. The project is funded by Soysambu Conservancy and the Constituency Development Funds .The Conservancy has put up a water tank outside the building […]


Augur Buzzard(Butte a. augur):The Bird of prey resting on the Acacia tree checking for any available Prey. Black and white Colobus (Colobus guereza) in the Acacia xanhtopholea (Yellow Barked Acacia)Forest. Soysambu conservancy is a privately owned land and declared as wildlife conservancy way back in the year 2007.It is a non-profit making organization with Diverse […]

Soysambu Conservancy Wet Season Animal Counts

Shared By Duncan Oduor-Soysambu Research Centre. The  wet season animal census in Soysambu conservancy will be conducted on Saturday 7th May 2011 from 6:30am to 12noon.The Conservancy is divided into 9 blocks. Aerial count will also be done. The census results provide estimate animals numbers in the conservancy and also help in assessing the population […]