Monthly Archives: June 2013

Desnaring and Awareness

Three days from 13th April to 17th April were dedicated to remove the snares and collect wires in the conservancy. With volunteers, Born Free Foundation and Kenya Wildlife Service rangers we managed to patrol the areas around Kiungururia and Booster, Punda Milia, Congreve area and Oljorai. A three days awareness creation on the importance of […]

Soysambu conservancy game counts

Saturday May  25th 2013,marked the wet counts season for Soysambu conservancy limited. With over 20 participants drown from various stakeholders and local communities and the entire Soysambu conservancy,nine thousand,six hundred and thirty animals were counted(9630 animals) Zebras recorded the highest numbers with an increase of41% compared to last year of 12%  Zebras, Impalas and Thompson’s […]